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Why NX WiFi

Introducing, NX WiFi

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Your Reliable Connection!

Available on 130+ Countries

Connect to

5 Devices

Low battery? No worry!

NX WiFi Includes a Built-in Power Bank

Portable WiFi

With the SignalScan™ feature, automatically switches to the strongest available signal.

Travel with You Everywhere

Connect Dulu,

Bayarnya Nanti

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Travel Agent Special Price

We understand the importance of seamless connectivity for travelers, especially in today's fast-paced world. As a travel agent, ensuring that your clients stay connected while exploring new destinations is important.

Our Device

NX WiFi Modem Skyroam E1
NX WiFi Modem Skyroam R1
NX WiFi Skyroam E1
NX WiFi Sky Roam R1


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We have extensive coverage in 130+ countries, connecting you to multiple available signals worldwide.


Our goal is to provide best service, ensuring remain connected wherever your travels take you!

Ready to Unlock the Power of NX WiFi?
Let's dive in!

NX WiFi is a portable wireless device that provides internet access by connecting Signal Scan™ feature that automatically switches to the strongest available signal, as well as Virtual Sim Technology.
To provide high-speed mobile data globally without incurring international roaming fees, has a long battery life of 16 hours and can connect up to 5 devices at once.

How to Book

Booking Date


Please choose the dates you'd like to rent the device, complete the required details, and confirm your rental.

Delivery Service


Arrange for the delivery of your WiFi device to your address, or we can also deliver it to the airport for your convenience.

Return Package


Send back the NX WiFi device

to our office location.



Complete payment for the quotations after using the NX WiFi device.


See Where


Takes You!

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