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What is SZ81 - Wearable Camera

What is
SZ81 - Wearable Camera?

Advanced wearable AI camera system for professionals who require high-quality video recording, secure data handling, and effective remote management.

​Offering a single-camera solution, make it cost-effective and versatile for various applications like security and behavior analysis.


Creating innovative technology products from unique ideas

wearable camera
Wearable AI camera system

AI Camera
Camera AI
artificial intelligence
apa itu artificial intelligence dan contohnya
apa yang dimaksud artificial intelligence
apa arti artificial intelligence
teknologi ai (artificial intelligence) merupakan teknologi yang hadir pada generasi
what is artificial intelligence
apa yang dimaksud dengan artificial intelligence
apa itu artificial intelligence
contoh artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence adalah
ai camera
apa itu ai camera
ai camera artinya
ai camera adalah
fungsi ai camera
ai cctv
Kelebihan AI Camera CCTV dan Keuntungan Menggunakannya
Apa itu teknologi AI pada kamera?
Kamera AI tersebut menyerupai kamera biasa namun terdapat seperti antena TV sebagai pengganti lensa. Kamera tersebut menggunakan teknologi 'AI generatif' baru untuk mengambil gambar berdasarkan geolokasi, waktu dan cuaca, tanpa memerlukan input apapun dari pengguna
Apakah CCTV termasuk kecerdasan buatan?

NFInisght - Wearable Device - Walkie Talkie AI



NFInisght - Wearable Device - Walkie Talkie AI Specification


Market Sector

We create "I can do this" from "If I could do this..."

Industrial and Manufacturing

Factories and manufacturing facilities may use the camera for safety monitoring and compliance.


Industrial and Manufacturing

Police departments, law enforcement agencies, and security firms can use this camera for evidence collection, real-time communication, and monitoring.

Law Enforcement

Industrial and Manufacturing

Event organizers and venue operators can enhance security and crowd management with this technology.

Event Organizer

Emergency Service

Firefighters and emergency medical personnel can use the camera for documentation and communication in high-stress situations.

Emergency Services

Retail and Hospitality

Retail stores, restaurants, and hotel can employ the camera for security and customer service purposes.



Hospital security, home healthcare providers, and paramedics may find applications for documentation and communication in the healthcare field.



Public transportation agencies, logistics companies, and delivery services may find value in monitoring and recording interactions and incidents.


Field Services

Industries with field workers, such as construction, utilities, and maintenance, can use the camera for documentation, remote support, and safety.

Field Services

Industrial and Manufacturing

Private security companies, event security teams, and facility security can benefit from enhanced surveillance and communication capabilities.

Security Services


School security and campus safety personnel can employ it for monitoring and security purposes.


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