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For Your Business

Introducing, Virtual ChatBot

Chatbots and virtual assistants are valuable technologies that help businesses and
individuals automate repetitive tasks, cut costs, and increase efficiency.

Organizations use chatbots to provide 24/7 customer support,
which facilitates better user engagement and satisfaction.

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The Importance of Using
Virtual ChatBot
for Business 

  • Chatbots are exclusively designed for 24/7 support for customers of all geographies regardless of the time zone difference.

  • 74% of customers prefer chatbots over a human corporate agent to solve their queries.

  • Chatbots will deal with up to 90% of healthcare and financial inquiries by 2024.

  • $8 billion is estimated to be saved in 2024 by businesses and retail stores by reducing chat support costs.

  • Using chatbots in businesses saves 2.5 billion hours, which means along with the profit in monetary value, time is also saved.

  • Almost 42% of potential customers used chatbots while buying products online for a seamless service without any doubts.

​Improving Business

Through millions of conversations and answering opportunities

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Chat Assistant
for Your Business

We help online business owners as chat assistants to serve customers, starting from the order until transaction process.

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Single Dashboard Integration

We create a single dashboard that integrated with many social platforms, where it will provide more convenience to serve customers from various social platforms.

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Easily Integrated to
Many Social Media at Once

Users only need to create chatbot once, and it would be ready to be run in Line, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Web Widget and Mobile Application.

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Serve Larger Number
of Customers

With technology can serve and interact with customers in large numbers simultaneously from various communication channels automatically.


Configured to meet the special needs of your sector and department.

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IT Support

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Available on Across Platform 

Ready to Build
A Better Virtual Agents?

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See what we can do when you schedule a personal demonstration with a product specialist or take a self-guided tour.

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