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Learning Management System Solution
Unlock your learning potential

A platform for trainers and learners to interact, exchange information, and collaborate in a virtual learning environment. Learn how LMS can boost productivity and efficiency of your workforces

What Learning Management System Do?

Enhance Trainer-Learner Interaction

 Learning Management System (LMS) provides a platform for trainers and learners to interact, exchange information, and collaborate in a virtual learning environment. With LMS, organizations can easily create, deliver, and track training courses to ensure that learners achieve their learning goals and objectives.

Growth Statistics

The Importance of
Personal Growth and
Development in the

  • 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development

  • 74% of employees felt they weren’t achieving their full potential due to lack of development opportunities

  • 56% of employees would take a suggested course by their manager

Key Benefits



Assessment to tests a knowledge by asking questions

Account restriction icon illustration

Account Restriction

Manage access levels  for Mentor, Student, Lecturer

Online Webinar


Live online video conference with participants getting information, and discussing a topic in real-time.

broadcast message icon illustration

Broadcast Message

via Email or Notification in Website

Online Course


Wide range of course option lineups from business skills to qualifications

course certificate certification icon illustration


Create and Manage Course Certification

Essay Icon Illustration


 Learn how to formulate and improve overall writing skills.

email notification icon illustration

Email Notification

Stay informed via email notifications

Task  Icon Illustration


Track Current, Upcoming, Complete, Overdue Task

zoom meeting icon illustration

Zoom Linkage

You can link the participation status of the Zoom Meeting

Making a Real Difference

Here are some examples of the concrete benefits and savings our customers experience by using our solutions

Restriction Features

Restriction Features

  • No Skip Feature

  • Face Must Show

  • Cheating Detection

  • App Restriction

Technology Support

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Mixed Reality (MR)

  • HoloLens

Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality VR
Content Making Included

Content Making Included

  • Manga

  • Animation

  • Video Teaching

  • Typing Practice in Foreign Language



Respond to the needs of overseas users and support
up to 34 languages

Support Face Recognition

Concentration Function understanding the degree of concentration, it is possible to improve learning efficiency and utilize it for management

Support Face Recognition

Learning Platform


e-learning unpam

e-learning ut

e-learning adalah

e-learning ut login

e-learning indonesia

apa itu e-learning

aplikasi e-learning

contoh e-learning


lms ut

lms ut ac id


apa itu lms

aplikasi lms

contoh lms

lms for free

AI-Powered LMS for Enterprise

Solusi LMS Terbaik Indonesia

What Systems Are Used In E-Learning?

Why Choose
Learning Management Systems?

cost saving blue icon illustration

Cost Saving

time efficiency icon illustration blue

Time Efficiency

content making icon illustration blue

Content Making

cloud storage icon illustration blue

Cloud Storage

A Solution that’s Right for Your Business

Manufacturing Industry

  • Safety Training

  • Equipment and Machinery Training

  • Product Knowledge

  • Process Standardization

  • Compliance and Regulations

Manufacturing Indstry

Training and Skill Development

  • Course Delivery

  • Content Management

  • Skill Mastery

  • Certification and Recognition

  • Interactive Learning

Training and Skill Development


  • Employee Training and Onboarding

  • Qualification Test Preparation

  • Product Knowledge

  • Performance Tracking

  • Remote Learning


Higher Education

  • Course Management

  • Assessment and Grading

  • Resource Sharing

  • Progress Tracking

  • Administrative Efficiency



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