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Explore How Fleet Management Empowered Your Industry

fleet management adalah kegiatan yang dilakukan untuk mengelola kendaraan bermotor milik perusahaan, seperti motor, mobil, bus, dll.
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Apa tugas Fleet Management?
Apa itu Fleet Management Officer?
Apa itu Fleet dalam dunia tambang?
sistem manajemen armada
dashboard camera
sharper image dashboard camera
dashcam mobil
dashcam truck
google maps
hauling route
delivery service

dashboard camera, sharper image, dashboard camera, dashcam mobil, dashcam truck, google maps, hauling route, delivery service, fleet factors, holman fleet management, wheels fleet management

dashboard camera, sharper image, dashboard camera, dashcam mobil, dashcam truck, google maps, hauling route, delivery service, fleet factors, holman fleet management, wheels fleet management

Fleet Management System Illustration

The Importance
of Using Fleet Management
for Business 

  • The most common priorities for fleet operators are to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and increase the productivity of drivers.

  • The majority 48%, driver safety is a top operational priority.

  • Being able to easily locate vehicles is the biggest benefit of telematics (29% of all respondents) followed by Improved Driver Safety and Behaviour (27%)

Truk perusahaan logistik sedang melintasi jalan

Optimize Fleet Efficiency

Fleet Management System

Fleet Management is a technology to



your logistics operation through intelligent connected service strategy and
digital technology implementation.

Why You Need
Fleet Management?


Bus GPS Tracking System Abstract Concept Vector Illustration

Your basic need, but enhanced.

Traxia covers Our Customer's general GPS tracking needs, and on top of that everything that complements the basics.

Driving Behavior, score card.

Our system keeping taps on excessive driving behavior and making sure when it does occur as to be highlighted.

Driving Behaviour Fleet Management Abstract Concept Vector Illustration
Intelligent Fleet Management System Abstract Concept Vector Illustration

Traxia, Road Severity Index

This functions an original brain-child of Traxia engineers to deliver road condition analysis to our customers.

Smart Camera, connected.

Cloud Connected Car Digital Video Recorder service with smart remote capabilities directly from your phone

Driving Instruction Abstract Concept Vector Illustration

Fleet Management Features

Data Sharing API Services.png

Data Sharing API


Real-Time Delivery Status.png


Delivery Status

Position Tracking Services.png

Position Tracking Services

Real-Time Push Notification.png

Real-Time Push Notification

Hauling Route Services.png

Hauling Route 


App Based Work Order.png

App Based

Work Order

Dashboard Camera

 Infrared Cabin Dashboard Camera

Cabin Camera​​

High-definition Road-Facing Dashboard Camera

Road-Facing Camera

Possibilities Across Industries


Logistic Companies

Companies involved in transportation and logistics, managing a fleet of trucks or delivery vehicles.



Including construction vehicles and heavy machinery on project sites such as excavator, crane, concrete mixers, backhoe, etc.


Transportation Services

Taxi and rideshare companies, limousine services, and other passenger transportation businesses.


Retail & E-commerce

Businesses with a fleet of delivery vehicles for product distribution.


Mining Company

Mining vehicles including haul truck, excavator, bulldozer, and drill. 


Healthcare Institutions

Hospitals & medical facilities with of ambulances and other medical transport vehicles.

Traxia provides services
for all industries and
all types of vehicles.

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